A modular C++ IRC daemon (ircd).
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commit 9ea8ecfaf395955a4e58c743c2f9e35a26528039
parent 66ecf04088b747c00e7fdf8380fbece7848018be
Author: Peter Powell <>
Date:   Tue,  2 Apr 2019 14:43:28 +0100

Use SQUERY instead of PRIVMSG in alias/passforward config.

Mdocs/conf/modules.conf.example | 10+++++-----
Mdocs/conf/services/anope.conf.example | 2+-
Mdocs/conf/services/atheme.conf.example | 36++++++++++++++++++------------------
Mdocs/conf/services/generic.conf.example | 32++++++++++++++++----------------
Msrc/modules/m_passforward.cpp | 2+-
5 files changed, 41 insertions(+), 41 deletions(-)

diff --git a/docs/conf/modules.conf.example b/docs/conf/modules.conf.example @@ -132,17 +132,17 @@ # An example of using the format value to create an alias with two # different behaviours depending on the format of the parameters. # -#<alias text="ID" format="#*" replace="PRIVMSG ChanServ :IDENTIFY $2 $3" +#<alias text="ID" format="#*" replace="SQUERY ChanServ :IDENTIFY $2 $3" # requires="ChanServ" uline="yes"> # -#<alias text="ID" replace="PRIVMSG NickServ :IDENTIFY $2" +#<alias text="ID" replace="SQUERY NickServ :IDENTIFY $2" # requires="NickServ" uline="yes"> # # This alias fixes a glitch in xchat 2.6.x and above and the way it # assumes IDENTIFY must be prefixed by a colon (:) character. It should # be placed ABOVE the default NICKSERV alias. # -#<alias text="NICKSERV" format=":IDENTIFY *" replace="PRIVMSG NickServ :IDENTIFY $3-" +#<alias text="NICKSERV" format=":IDENTIFY *" replace="SQUERY NickServ :IDENTIFY $3-" # requires="NickServ" uline="yes"> # # You may also add aliases to trigger based on something said in a @@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ # command must be preceded by the fantasy prefix when used. # #<alias text="CS" usercommand="no" channelcommand="yes" -# replace="PRIVMSG ChanServ :$1 $chan $2-" requires="ChanServ" uline="yes"> +# replace="SQUERY ChanServ :$1 $chan $2-" requires="ChanServ" uline="yes"> # # This would be used as "!cs <command> <options>", with the channel # being automatically inserted after the command in the message to @@ -1562,7 +1562,7 @@ # cmd: Command for the user to run when it receives a connect # password. - cmd="PRIVMSG $nickrequired :IDENTIFY $pass"> + cmd="SQUERY $nickrequired :IDENTIFY $pass"> #-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-# # Password hash module: Allows hashed passwords to be used. diff --git a/docs/conf/services/anope.conf.example b/docs/conf/services/anope.conf.example @@ -6,4 +6,4 @@ # /GLOBAL <message> # Sends a global notice. -<alias text="GLOBAL" format="*" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :GLOBAL $2-" requires="Global" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> +<alias text="GLOBAL" format="*" replace="ยง $requirement :GLOBAL $2-" requires="Global" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> diff --git a/docs/conf/services/atheme.conf.example b/docs/conf/services/atheme.conf.example @@ -6,29 +6,29 @@ <include file="examples/services/generic.conf.example"> # Long hand aliases for services pseudoclients. -<alias text="ALIS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="ALIS" uline="yes"> -<alias text="CHANFIX" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="ChanFix" uline="yes"> -<alias text="GAMESERV" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="GameServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="GLOBAL" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="Global" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> -<alias text="GROUPSERV" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="GroupServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="HELPSERV" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="HelpServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="INFOSERV" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="InfoServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="PROXYSCAN" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="Proxyscan" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> -<alias text="RPGSERV" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="RPGServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="ALIS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="ALIS" uline="yes"> +<alias text="CHANFIX" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="ChanFix" uline="yes"> +<alias text="GAMESERV" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="GameServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="GLOBAL" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="Global" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> +<alias text="GROUPSERV" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="GroupServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="HELPSERV" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="HelpServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="INFOSERV" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="InfoServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="PROXYSCAN" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="Proxyscan" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> +<alias text="RPGSERV" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="RPGServ" uline="yes"> # Short hand aliases for services pseudoclients. -<alias text="CF" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="ChanFix" uline="yes"> -<alias text="GL" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="Global" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> -<alias text="GS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="GroupServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="IS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="InfoServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="LS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="ALIS" uline="yes"> -<alias text="PS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="Proxyscan" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> -<alias text="RS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="RPGServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="CF" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="ChanFix" uline="yes"> +<alias text="GL" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="Global" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> +<alias text="GS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="GroupServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="IS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="InfoServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="LS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="ALIS" uline="yes"> +<alias text="PS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="Proxyscan" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> +<alias text="RS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="RPGServ" uline="yes"> # These short hand aliases conflict with other pseudoclients. You can enable # them but you will need to comment out the uncommented ones above first, -#<alias text="GS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="GameServ" uline="yes"> -#<alias text="HS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="HelpServ" uline="yes"> +#<alias text="GS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="GameServ" uline="yes"> +#<alias text="HS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="HelpServ" uline="yes"> # Prevent clients from using the nicknames of services pseudoclients. <badnick nick="ALIS" reason="Reserved for a network service"> diff --git a/docs/conf/services/generic.conf.example b/docs/conf/services/generic.conf.example @@ -4,27 +4,27 @@ <module name="alias"> # Long hand aliases for services pseudoclients. -<alias text="BOTSERV" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="BotServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="CHANSERV" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="ChanServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="HOSTSERV" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="HostServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="MEMOSERV" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="MemoServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="NICKSERV" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="NickServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="OPERSERV" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="OperServ" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> -<alias text="STATSERV" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="StatServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="BOTSERV" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="BotServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="CHANSERV" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="ChanServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="HOSTSERV" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="HostServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="MEMOSERV" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="MemoServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="NICKSERV" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="NickServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="OPERSERV" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="OperServ" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> +<alias text="STATSERV" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="StatServ" uline="yes"> # Short hand aliases for services pseudoclients. -<alias text="BS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="BotServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="CS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="ChanServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="HS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="HostServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="MS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="MemoServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="NS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="NickServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="OS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="OperServ" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> -<alias text="SS" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :$2-" requires="StatServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="BS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="BotServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="CS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="ChanServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="HS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="HostServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="MS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="MemoServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="NS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="NickServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="OS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="OperServ" uline="yes" operonly="yes"> +<alias text="SS" replace="SQUERY $requirement :$2-" requires="StatServ" uline="yes"> # /ID [account] <password> # Identifies to a services account. -<alias text="ID" format="*" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :IDENTIFY $2-" requires="NickServ" uline="yes"> -<alias text="IDENTIFY" format="*" replace="PRIVMSG $requirement :IDENTIFY $2-" requires="NickServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="ID" format="*" replace="SQUERY $requirement :IDENTIFY $2-" requires="NickServ" uline="yes"> +<alias text="IDENTIFY" format="*" replace="SQUERY $requirement :IDENTIFY $2-" requires="NickServ" uline="yes"> # Prevent clients from using the nicknames of services pseudoclients. <badnick nick="BotServ" reason="Reserved for a network service"> diff --git a/src/modules/m_passforward.cpp b/src/modules/m_passforward.cpp @@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ class ModulePassForward : public Module ConfigTag* tag = ServerInstance->Config->ConfValue("passforward"); nickrequired = tag->getString("nick", "NickServ"); forwardmsg = tag->getString("forwardmsg", "NOTICE $nick :*** Forwarding PASS to $nickrequired"); - forwardcmd = tag->getString("cmd", "PRIVMSG $nickrequired :IDENTIFY $pass"); + forwardcmd = tag->getString("cmd", "SQUERY $nickrequired :IDENTIFY $pass"); } void FormatStr(std::string& result, const std::string& format, const LocalUser* user)