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diff --git a/CHANGELOG.md b/CHANGELOG.md @@ -0,0 +1,170 @@ +1.4.6 +===== +Fixes: +------ +* Several corrections in the README +* Making clear that `valueint` should not be written to +* Fix overflow detection in `ensure` (2683d4d9873df87c4bdccc523903ddd78d1ad250) +* Fix a potential null pointer dereference in cJSON_Utils (795c3acabed25c9672006b2c0f40be8845064827) +* Replace incorrect `sizeof('\0')` with `sizeof("")` (84237ff48e69825c94261c624eb0376d0c328139) +* Add caveats section to the README (50b3c30dfa89830f8f477ce33713500740ac3b79) +* Make cJSON locale independent (#146) Thanks @peterh for reporting +* Fix compiling without CMake with MSVC (#147) Thanks @dertuxmalwieder for reporting + +1.4.5 +===== +Fixes: +------ +* Fix bug in `cJSON_SetNumberHelper`, thanks @mmkeeper (#138 ef34500693e8c4a2849d41a4bd66fd19c9ec46c2) +* Workaround for internal compiler error in GCC 5.4.0 and 6.3.1 on x86 (2f65e80a3471d053fdc3f8aed23d01dd1782a5cb [GCC bugreport](https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=80097)) + +1.4.4 +===== +Fixes: +-------- +* Fix a theoretical integer overflow, (not sure if it is possible on actual hardware) e58f7ec027d00b7cdcbf63e518c1b5268b29b3da +* Fix an off by one error (cc84a446be20cc283bafdc4d94c050ba1111ac02), thanks @gatzka +* Double check the offset of the print buffer in `ensure` (1934059554b9a0971e00f79e96900f422cfdd114) + +Improvements: +------------- +* Add a note in the header about required buffer size when using `cJSON_PrintPreallocated` (4bfb88009342fb568295a7f6dc4b7fee74fbf022) + +1.4.3 +===== +Fixes: +------ +* Fix compilation of the tests on 32 bit PowerPC and potentially other systems (4ec6e76ea2eec16f54b58e8c95b4c734e59481e4) +* Fix compilation with old GCC compilers (4.3+ were tested) (227d3398d6b967879761ebe02c1b63dbd6ea6e0d, 466eb8e3f8a65080f2b3ca4a79ab7b72bd539dba), see also #126 + +1.4.2 +===== +Fixes: +------ +* Fix minimum required cmake version (30e1e7af7c63db9b55f5a3cda977a6c032f0b132) +* Fix detection of supported compiler flags (76e5296d0d05ceb3018a9901639e0e171b44a557) +* Run `cJSON_test` and `cJSON_test_utils` along with unity tests (c597601cf151a757dcf800548f18034d4ddfe2cb) + +1.4.1 +===== +Fix: Make `print_number` abort with a failure in out of memory situations (cf1842dc6f64c49451a022308b4415e4d468be0a) + +1.4.0 +===== +Features +-------- +* Functions to check the type of an item (#120) +* Use dllexport on windows and fvisibility on Unix systems for public functions (#116), thanks @mjerris +* Remove trailing zeroes from printed numbers (#123) +* Expose the internal boolean type `cJSON_bool` in the header (2d3520e0b9d0eb870e8886e8a21c571eeddbb310) + +Fixes +----- +* Fix handling of NULL pointers in `cJSON_ArrayForEach` (b47d0e34caaef298edfb7bd09a72cfff21d231ff) +* Make it compile with GCC 7 (fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough warning) (9d07917feb1b613544a7513d19233d4c851ad7ad) + +Other Improvements +------------------ +* internally use realloc if available (#110) +* builtin support for fuzzing with [afl](http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx/afl/) (#111) +* unit tests for the print functions (#112) +* Always use buffered printing (#113) +* simplify the print functions (#114) +* Add the compiler flags `-Wdouble-conversion`, `-Wparentheses` and `-Wcomma` (#122) + +1.3.2 +===== +Fix: +---- +- Don't build the unity library if testing is disabled ( #121 ). Thanks @ffontaine + +1.3.1 +===== +Bugfix release that fixes an out of bounds read #118. This shouldn't have any security implications. + +1.3.0 +===== +This release includes a lot of rework in the parser and includes the Cunity unit testing framework, as well as some fixes. I increased the minor version number because there were quite a lot of internal changes. + +Features: +--------- +- New type for cJSON structs: `cJSON_Invalid` (#108) + +Fixes: +------ +- runtime checks for a lot of potential integer overflows +- fix incorrect return in cJSON_PrintBuffered (cf9d57d56cac21fc59465b8d26cf29bf6d2a87b3) +- fix several potential issues found by [Coverity](https://scan.coverity.com/projects/cjson) +- fix potentially undefined behavior when assigning big numbers to `valueint` (41e2837df1b1091643aff073f2313f6ff3cc10f4) + - Numbers exceeding `INT_MAX` or lower than `INT_MIN` will be explicitly assigned to `valueint` as `INT_MAX` and `INT_MIN` respectively (saturation on overflow). + - fix the `cJSON_SetNumberValue` macro (87f77274de6b3af00fb9b9a7f3b900ef382296c2), this slightly changes the behavior, see commit message + +Introduce unit tests +-------------------- + +Started writing unit tests with the [Cunity](https://github.com/ThrowTheSwitch/Unity) testing framework. Currently this covers the parser functions. + +Also: +- Support for running the tests with [Valgrind](http://valgrind.org) +- Support for compiling the tests with [AddressSanitizer](https://github.com/google/sanitizers) and [UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer](https://clang.llvm.org/docs/UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer.html). +- `travis.yml` file for running unit tests on travis. (not enabled for the repository yet though #102) + +Simplifications +--------------- + +After having unit tests for the parser function in place, I started refactoring the parser functions (as well as others) and making them easier to read and maintain. +- Use `strtod` from the standard library for parsing numbers (074766997246481dfc72bfa78f07898a2716473f) +- Use goto-fail in several parser functions (#100) +- Rewrite/restructure all of the parsing functions to be easier to understand and have less code paths doing the same as another. (#109) +- Simplify the buffer allocation strategy to always doubling the needed amount (9f6fa94c91a87b71e4c6868dbf2ce431a48517b0) +- Combined `cJSON_AddItemToObject` and `cJSON_AddItemToObjectCS` to one function (cf862d0fed7f9407e4b046d78d3d8050d2080d12) + +Other changes +------------- +- Prevent the usage of incompatible C and header versions via preprocessor directive (123bb1af7bfae41d805337fef4b41045ef6c7d25) +- Let CMake automatically detect compiler flags +- Add new compiler flags (`-Wundef`, `-Wswitch-default`, `-Wconversion`, `-fstack-protector-strong`) (#98) +- Change internal sizes from `int` to `size_t` (ecd5678527a6bc422da694e5be9e9979878fe6a0) +- Change internal strings from `char*` to `unsigned char*` (28b9ba4334e0f7309e867e874a31f395c0ac2474) +- Add `const` in more places + +1.2.1 +===== +Fixes: +------ +- Fixes a potential null pointer dereference in cJSON_Utils, discovered using clang's static analyzer by @bnason-nf (#96) + +1.2.0 +===== +Features: +--------- +- Add a new type of cJSON item for raw JSON and support printing it. Thanks @loigu (#65, #90) + +Fixes: +------ +- Compiler warning if const is casted away, Thanks @gatzka (#83) +- Fix compile error with strict-overflow on PowerPC, (#85) +- Fix typo in the README, thanks @MicroJoe (#88) +- Add compile flag for compatibility with C++ compilers + +1.1.0 +===== +- Add a function `cJSON_PrintPreallocated` to print to a preallocated buffer, thanks @ChisholmKyle (#72) +- More compiler warnings when using Clang or GCC, thanks @gatzka (#75, #78) +- fixed a memory leak in `cJSON_Duplicate`, thanks @alperakcan (#81) +- fix the `ENABLE_CUSTOM_COMPILER_FLAGS` cmake option + +1.0.2 +===== +Rename internal boolean type, see #71. + +1.0.1 +===== +Small bugfix release. +- Fixes a bug with the use of the cJSON structs type in cJSON_Utils, see d47339e2740360e6e0994527d5e4752007480f3a +- improve code readability +- initialize all variables + +1.0.0 +===== +This is the first official versioned release of cJSON. It provides an API version for the shared library and improved Makefile and CMake build files.