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README: Get rid of valueint and do necessary checks

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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -136,13 +136,19 @@ What's the framerate? ```c cJSON *format = cJSON_GetObjectItem(root, "format"); -int framerate = cJSON_GetObjectItem(format, "frame rate")->valueint; +cJSON *framerate_item = cJSON_GetObjectItem(format, "frame rate"); +double framerate = 0; +if (cJSON_IsNumber(framerate_item)) +{ + framerate = framerate_item->valuedouble; +} ``` Want to change the framerate? ```c -cJSON_GetObjectItem(format, "frame rate")->valueint = 25; +cJSON *framerate_item = cJSON_GetObjectItem(format, "frame rate"); +cJSON_SetNumberValue(framerate_item, 25); ``` Back to disk? @@ -201,7 +207,7 @@ typedef struct cJSON { int type; char *valuestring; - int valueint; + int valueint; /* DEPRECATED, please use valudouble instead */ double valuedouble; char *string; @@ -217,8 +223,7 @@ A `child` entry will have `prev == 0`, but next potentially points on. The last The type expresses *Null*/*True*/*False*/*Number*/*String*/*Array*/*Object*, all of which are `#defined` in `cJSON.h`. -A *Number* has `valueint` and `valuedouble`. If you're expecting an `int`, read `valueint`, if not read -`valuedouble`. +A *Number* has `valueint` and `valuedouble`. `valueint` is a relict of the past, so always use `valuedouble`. Any entry which is in the linked list which is the child of an object will have a `string` which is the "name" of the entry. When I said "name" in the above example, that's `string`.