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commit 3c4bb7c11518e1ced9feeb156436d55fe1d4a66b
parent e0fdc3329c4ca06e5853401e9c7c04f16b28eba3
Author: Christian Duerr <>
Date:   Sat,  2 Mar 2019 18:32:48 +0000

Fix scrollback live reloading

This fixes two issues with live reloading the `scrolling.history`

It is now possible to increase the scrollback history without restarting

When decreasing the scrollback history while scrolled beyond the new
history limit, Alacritty will reset the viewport position to the new
limit instead of crashing.

This fixes #2147.
Diffstat: | 2++
Msrc/grid/ | 2++
2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ b/ @@ -14,6 +14,8 @@ and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning]( - Fix panic which could occur when quitting Alacritty on Windows if using the Conpty backend - Automatic copying of selection to clipboard when mouse is released outside of Alacritty +- Scrollback history live reload only working when shrinking lines +- Crash when decreasing scrollback history in config while scrolled in history ## Version 0.2.9 diff --git a/src/grid/ b/src/grid/ @@ -163,7 +163,9 @@ impl<T: Copy + Clone> Grid<T> { pub fn update_history(&mut self, history_size: usize, template: &T) { self.raw.update_history(history_size, Row::new(self.cols, &template)); + self.max_scroll_limit = history_size; self.scroll_limit = min(self.scroll_limit, history_size); + self.display_offset = min(self.display_offset, self.scroll_limit); } pub fn scroll_display(&mut self, scroll: Scroll) {