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Reword guide-level explanation of optional query parameters.

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diff --git a/site/guide/ b/site/guide/ @@ -276,14 +276,9 @@ string contains all of the static components of a route's query string, the request will be routed to that route. This allows for optional parameters, validating even when a parameter is missing. -More specifically, types that return `Some` from their -[`FromFormValue::default()`] implementations will validate even when a value for -the given parameter is missing, using the value returned from the `default()` -method as the parameter's value. On such type is `Option<T>`, which returns -`None` from its `default()` implementation. By using a type of `Option<T>` for a -query parameter, `Some(T)` will be returned only when the parameter is present -and represents a valid `T`. In all other cases, `None` will be returned. A route -using `Option<T>` looks as follows: +To achieve this, use `Option<T>` as the parameter type. Whenever the query +parameter is missing in a request, `None` will be provided as the value. A +route using `Option<T>` looks as follows: ```rust #[get("/hello?wave&<name>")] @@ -298,8 +293,11 @@ routed to this route. If a `name=value` query segment is present, the route returns the string `"Hi, value!"`. If no `name` query segment is present, the route returns `"Hello!"`. -Other defaultable `FromFormValue` types include `Result<T, E>` and `bool`. As -always, your types can implement `FromFormValue` in a defaultable manner, too! +Just like a parameter of type `Option<T>` will have the value `None` if the +parameter is missing from a query, a parameter of type `bool` will have the +value `false` if it is missing. The default value for a missing parameter can be +customized for your own types that implement `FromFormValue` by implementing +[`FromFormValue::default()`]. [`FromFormValue::default()`]: @api/rocket/request/trait.FromFormValue.html#method.default